Boy George Begs Judge To Be On Big Brother


He's desperate!

Boy George is begging the judge to alter his probation terms so he can appear on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK and get that fat check for $320,000!

He was in jail from January 2009 to May 2009 for false imprisonment and assault of a male escort back in 2007. He was released on probation if he agreed to "approved" work where a probation officer can visit him.

The singer's appearance on the show would undoubtedly breach the license terms, so he is awaiting the judge's decision.

Channel 4 wants George on the show with a spokesperson saying that, "We respect what the Probation Service has said but if George is free, we'd love to have him."

We're pulling for you, George!

We want to see this hot mess of a show with you in it!!



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