Selena Gomez Gives Up On The Internets


Who is being mean to our precious Selenita?!

Selena Gomez
has had it with the Internet because she's sick of the negative comments in her direction.

As you know, Selena used to put up videos on YouTube regularly to share with fans, but she has stopped doing the clips because of the hateful messages she was receiving. But she feels all the better for it saying:

"I've given up the internet. I don't read comments, and I don't go on any of the sites anymore, and I just feel better. And it's not about being a celebrity - you get on MySpace, Facebook, there's all these different outlets where people can just feel like nobody's watching them so they can just say whatever they want to say, and that gets dangerous sometimes."

We'll miss your vids, Sel!

Eff the haters, we think you're adorable!



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