Kate HudsonEverybody knows acting is in Kate Hudson's blood -- after all, she is the daughter of Goldie Hawn -- but the 'Almost Famous' star tells PopEater she got some musical genes from mom as well. "I don't remember a day that my mother wasn't singing in the house or I wasn't trying to sing myself," she says. "I'm definitely comfortable around music."

Hudson is currently showing that previously hidden talent off in the film 'Nine,' where she does a stirring song and dance number called 'Cinema Italiano.' With her first foray into singing, Hudson is now nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song alongside the likes of U2 and Paul McCartney, among others. "I am so excited," she says, laughing. "It is very exciting and I never thought that would ever happen." Watch the 'Cinema Italiano' Premiere After the Jump!

And yes, she's in awe of the company she's keeping at the Globes. "Yeah, [they're] people that are literally in my living room everyday because I love them so much, like Bono and Sir Paul McCartney," she says.

The upbeat dance tune was a little daunting at first, she confesses. "It's a very difficult song to sing. There are a lot of words, a lot of places that when you're not somebody who's used to performing songs like that it's like learning a new language," she says. " Rob [Marshall, director] obviously has an amazing team that allowed me to gain a level of confidence to go for it."

Hudson admits there was another factor that has led to her musical success. "I was married to a musician for a decade so I definitely feel comfortable in a recording studio," she says, referring to her marriage to Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson, with whom she has a son, Ryder.

So, the talent and the knowledge was there -- it just needed the right showcase. Now that Hudson's found it, is there an album in her future? "I hope so, one day. I really do," she says. "I hope to either continue singing in that way, do other musicals or possibly stage, but I definitely want to continue to sing. It makes me happy."