Peaches Geldof Apologises For Tweeting Miley Cyrus Death Rumour…

Oh lordy, sometimes the mess celebrities unintentionally find themselves in really does amaze us.

Just the other day Peaches Geldof sent out a Tweet claiming Miley Cyrus had died, why? Well apparently her friend text her telling her the Hannah Montana star had passed away and rather then checking the news for herself she took to her Twitter.

But unfortunately for Peaches fans of Miley, who in case you didn’t realise is alive and kicking, didn’t take to kindly to this news and bombarded her with messages. As a result Peaches was forced to post the following:

“Didn't want to cause distress by tweeting that I'd heard that Miley had died. Turns out it was thankfull a rumour. Glad to hear that x”

Ah, you really couldn’t make this crap up could you?! Well actually you could but we don’t, promise!



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