Hugh Jackman Proving That All Men Are Just Big Kids…

We couldn’t help but notice that X-Men star Hugh Jackman got a bit too much into the spirit of a snowball fight with his kids in New York earlier this week.

We know he’s starred in action films before so over-hamming dramatic scenes probably comes pretty naturally to him, even so when you’re diving through the air while throwing snowballs at kids and shouting: “noooooooooooooooo!!” Die Hard style, isn’t it time to pack up your things and go home?

No we jest, we jest. We’re only jealous because New Yorkers have had proper snow, whereas we Londoners seem to have had black sludge - and you can’t make a snowball out of that can you?!

Well you can, but it would probably be a bit cruel to throw it wouldn’t it?



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