Exclusive! Justin Bieber, You’re The Hardest Working Kid in Show Biz!

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You never stop going, do you, Justin? Gotzip got the exclusive scoop from Justin on how he handles his whirlwind of a life!

Watch out, Ryan Seacrest! Your buddy, tween singing sensation Justin Bieber, might just beat you out for the “Hardest Working Guy in Show Biz” award. With non-stop concerts, talk shows and meet-and-greets all over the country, 15-year old Justin is like a real life Energizer bunny.

Even after long hours and constant travel, the young singer couldn’t stop raving about how much he’s enjoying his insane new life. “It’s been a lot of fun,” he told HollywoodLife.com exclusively after his Dec. 14 Radio Disney concert in Los Angeles. “Coming from a little town in Canada and having all the success I’ve had, it’s been great.”

Dubbed by his mentor Ryan Seacrest as “the next Jonas brothers,” Justin hasn’t let fame get to his head. But there IS one thing Justin has been taking advantage of now that he’s a star: no chores!

“I mean, I don’t go home a lot,” Justin confided to us. “When I do go home, it’s not messy so I don’t have to clean … but I’m just never there.”

Just how busy is this teen? “I don’t even know where I’m going next,” he explained, saying he’s looking forward to his holiday break on Dec. 22 because he’ll get to hang with his family and friends. “I miss those guys.”

We’re sure they miss you, too! Take a break, buddy … You deserve it!



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