Is Justin Timberlake the New Brad Pitt?


Of course we’d like to see as much of dreamboats Justin Timberlake and Brad Pitt as possible, but both gentlemen are making it very difficult to see their advertisements in America!

JT, who was just announced as Audi’s newest brand ambassador (he’ll start in 2010), shot an ad for the German-engineered car company on Dec. 15 in LA but unfortunately for us, the ads will only be available in Europe. Boooooo!

The “SexyBack” singer is going down the same foreign road as Brad, who kept Americans from viewing his pretty face when he shot a 2008 commercial for cell phone line Softbank, which sadly for us, only aired in Japan.

There’s no official word on why Justin signed on for an ad campaign outside the country but our guess is that it has something to do with money. Foreign advertising budgets can be more flexible, so deals with celebs often bank way more bucks.

Aw, Justin, who cares about money? Love is way more important — and your fans in America love you and want to see as much of you as possible!



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