Lindsay, Are You Sending the Right Message By Wearing Ripped Tights to Your Leggings Launch Party?


Would you buy $100 tights from Lindsay Lohan – especially if they were all torn up before you even took off the tags?

Please don’t dress up on our account, Lindsay! Oh wait, you didn’t. At the launch party for your new leggings line, 6126 Leggings by Lindsay Lohan, on Dec. 15 in Beverly Hills, your outfit was an eclectic mixture of trends, to put it politely!

Your blazer and little grey skirt seemed suitable enough for the occasion, and we gave you a pass on the Frosty The Snowman toy ring (it’s the holidays after all), but can you please explain those runs and holes in your tights? We know, we know. That’s your whole MO. In fact, you’re actually SELLING those tights (with the LiLo seal of approval) for hundreds of dollars.

Honestly, we might dish out the big bucks for a pair of life-time guaranteed Spanx, but holey tights? No thank you, my friend. We can rip our tights ourselves, and save bucks while we’re at it.

PS, Lindsay. We know you named your line after Marilyn’s Monroe’s birthday (she is your idol, after allou think Marilyn would be caught dead in something that wasn’t one hundred percent sexy and rip-free). But really, do y?



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