Lily Allen Is A Moron!


In order to validate her narcissism and low self esteem, Lily Allen became addicted to the internet and its negative Lily-fueled content. Although she may have cut herself off from the world, it doesn't stop her from talking!

The idiot says:

"I don't own a BlackBerry. Or a computer. I don't even read emails. I was using the internet in a really destructive way. In the same way as I guess alcoholics and drug addicts have to stop taking drugs or alcohol to see how negatively it affects them. I had to stop using the internet completely. If I was feeling bad, I'd look for negative things people were writing about me to substantiate how I was feeling: 'Look, I am fat and ugly…'"

Too bad she's not feeling stoopid! We wish she'd take a gander at our site!



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