Tara Reid on the cover of Playboy

Tara Reid will apparently be topless in the latest issue of Playboy (above) in an effort to shut everyone up who keeps showing "old" pictures of her, according to a recent interview with WPIX:

"I've been OK now for the last five or six years but people only show old pictures which is so unfair and that's part of the reason why I did the Playboy shoot - to show the world this is me and this is what I look like."

I had no idea pictures from this summer really happened five to six years ago, but then again my stomach isn't botched to the point where it warps the very fabric of time. To put things in perspective, Tara Reid could've murdered someone this morning, yet to her it happened 50 years in the future while a brontosaurus watched. (Read: There's going to be a lot of airbrushing.)



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