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Facial Hair Removal Solutions!
Facial hair for a woman is most definitely an unwanted occurrence. The underlying causes of some facial hair in women can be an undiagnosed medical problem such as an excessive production of certain hormones like dihydrotestosterone, a precursor to testosterone. Other common causes are obesity, insulin resistance or a family trait. Whatever the cause one thing is certain most women want a way to remove it and keep it gone for as long as possible.

The first line of defense for many women is a pair of tweezers. This small device makes it possible to pluck the offending hair out by the root and thereby increasing the time, it takes to grow back. While tweezing may be an option for a few errant hairs, what about times when the hair growth has increased? You could spend all day trying to pluck unwanted facial hair, and have red irritated skin in the process.

There are several different chemicals on the market today for hair removal. The problem is few of them are for the face and the ones that are the most effective are only available with a prescription. Beyond those two issues are skin irritation due to allergic reaction, it is hard to determine which is worse facial hair or the red bumps left behind by some chemicals.

In some instances, women decide to shave to remove unwanted facial hair. This quick, easy fix does not require doctor's visits or plucking. However shaving is just a temporary fix, many times there will be a small amount of stubble left behind and you will have to repeat the process several times a week if not every day. Shaving is a quick fix but definitely not a long-term answer to unwanted facial hair in women.

Laser Treatment
Laser hair removal is a process that was tested experimentally for nearly 20 years before becoming available in the early 90s. Since that time, it has become a widely accepted practice in the dermatology field. In fact, there have been many studies printed in dermatology literature; one of the first was from Massachusetts General Hospital.

The primary idea behind laser hair removal is selective photothermolysis or SPTL. Laser light passes through the skin and targets the melanin, which is the dark pigment in hair. When the laser contacts the melanin, it immediately destroys the hair follicle.

Many people think that laser hair treatment provides an instant permanent hair removal. While laser hair treatments will eventually provide hair free situation it is not instant. You will need to have several treatments over an extended period in order to become totally hair free.

Laser hair removal is an excellent way to battle unsightly hair on the chin, upper lip and ear lobe. The only place lasers cannot be used is in the nostrils, ears or eyes; however, it is applicable for most other areas of the face. This treatment is also usable for legs, armpits and various other locations where unwanted hair is present.

When compared to the other treatment methods available laser hair removal is one of the best. Initial laser treatments can leave you hair free for weeks, months and even years. Repetitive treatments can eventually result in complete and permanent removal of the unwanted hair.



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